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When we say a place to do, we mean a place to do!

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Culturally Relevant Activities

At Tähti's Social Club, you are the star of your day. Whether it is a game of dominoes, Ludi (Ludo), watching the game, engaging in a book or journal club, or just sitting around with a group of friends talking about cricket, you decide the activities you want to engage in. Other activities include but are not limited to Intergenerational programs, music, gardening, community outings, classes (art, baking, cooking, exercise, computer), and community service projects, as well as other individual or group activities.

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Social Engagements

Whether going on a cruise, visiting a museum, or attending an entertainment event, at Tähti's Social Club, you will always have friends to accompany you. Our programs are designed for the mature Caribbean adult, but all ages and cultures are welcome.  

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